SEO is not Magic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you have a website and thinking about how to grow, the first thing in your mind comes is SEO. Because it’s a very common thing nowadays and you want to boost it to reduce your advertising cost.

What you have in mind is true. But how to optimize your website and content to get the best results; is the one question that might be confusing you. Before you go and make any mistakes remember one thing;

SEO is not Magic. It’s more like Farming.


This is absolutely true. You can’t expect better SEO results in a short amount of time. Google is been here for many years. There is been many websites before you and your website. They are also doing SEO and age plays an important part in SEO and Rankings.

What else is important for better SEO?

There are lots of factors that will directly have an impact on SEO performances which includes;

Your website design, and codes, Speed of the website, Content, Keywords, Plugins, and Files you use, Links, and more.

So you might be asking how to SEO?

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